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I can not express enough, how amazing this service has been for my company.

Indeed, Codenawis is a professional web development company. It's professional services for Paik Aftab News Agency is really praiseworthy.

Mohammad Zahir Halimi Recommendation

M.Zahir Halimi

I was really convinced with the previous works they've done, I really liked the design they've done for me too. Highly recommended!

CodeNawis's services was beyond our expectation and we will proudly choose him for our future tasks and projects.

Abdullah Makhdum Recommendation


Yahya is professional, talented, and a great communicator. He has an excellent eye for design and is a talented Developer. He is a fast learner and pleasant to work with. I highly recommend him!

Yahya is a wonderful Developer in Afghanistan. I have worked with him on a short-term assignment and he delivered the work beyond my expectations. I highly recommend him!

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It has never been easier to build beautiful Nextjs Theme for WordPress.

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